I think it goes without saying that I love King of Dragon Pass.  Considering its age, I think its held up really well.  However, if there was to be a King of Dragon Pass 2, what would you like to see in it? 

(I know there is a new KoDP on Ipad/Iphone, but from what I've seen and heard, it is a more refined version of the PC KoDP).

One thing I definitely would like is more choices to individualize my clan.  I love the fact that the choices make the clan feel like its *mine*, but I could also see the need fora lot more choices.

For example, allow me to pick some deity other than Orlanth, Ernalda, or Elmal to follow (some of the other clans do seem to follow other deities, like Vinga, Odayla, Urox, Uralda, etc.   I know I would love to go with a clan dedicated to Babeester Gor ;)

Or, expand the list of ancestral enemies (such as including dwarves, dragonewts, etc.)  Some of the fun is actually playing against your clan's history as well...

I would also allow temples to all deities to go to level 3 (if you wish to invest in building them.)  This could also allow for clan conflict.  Build a level 3 temple to Ernalda, and if another clan claims to have her favor, well there could be fireworks.

Probably the biggest change would be to include more events.  The game does an excellent job for clan vs. clan, and internal politics, but I would like to see some more esoteric/exotic stuff to remind me that Glorantha is a world of magic a bit more.

For that matter, maybe have some more meaningful interactions with the nonhumans as well.  Not all things should be seen through the lens of a conflict, or more rarely trade.  Maybe a centaur comes to your clan for asylum...or a creature that is a Chaos monster is actually honorable in their own right.  Maybe you could make a meaningful trade relationship with a troll tribe.

Maps...definitely better maps.  I actually missed the dwarves the first 3 times I played the game by just going straight to Snakepipe Hollow and the Stinking Forest.  Heck, I could even envision merfolk in the depths of Skyfall Lake...