Accusation of Adultery


Random Event

Orlanthi are people of great passions.  This can be to their benefit, but if not careful, can also be their downfall...

Event Dialogue

The carl <X> accuses his wife <Y>, and <Z>, his young nephew, of adultery.  This is one of the most serious crimes in Orlanthi law,and both <Y> and <Z> should be outlawed if you find them guilty of the offense.
  1. Ask their kinfolk if they could have done it.
  2. Conduct a divination.
  3. Exonerate them.
  4. Interrogate them.
  5. Outlaw them.

King of Dragon Pass


  • Asking the kinfolk may reveal information as to whether the nephew and aunt could be guilty of the crime, but sometimes other kinfolk can have their own agenda.
  • Conducting a divination is probably the surest way to detect guilt or innocence as the ancestor spirits themselves are invoked to weigh in. This option will cost you 1 magic, though.
  • Interrogation can work, but you may also get a false confession...or you may not detect it when the guilty tell a lie.
  • If you exonerate the couple, and they're guilty, the clan's ancestors' spirits will punish the guilty...and the rest of the clan may be more wary of the ring's judgment.  If the couple is innocent and exonerated?  Then the clan's trust in its leaders will increase.
  • If you outlaw the couple, and they are guilty, all is good.  If you outlaw them, and they are innocent, the clan's ancestor spirits will make their verdict known, and the ring's judgment may not be trusted as much.

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