Random Event

Notable Rewards Eye Mirror
Red Leather Mask
Shimmering Cloak

As this disparate group of wanderers shows, the Orlanthi are far from the only people to explore the farthest reaches of Dragon Pass.

Event Dialogue

A very strange group of explorers comes to your tula.  They're looking for something called an inn, and want to know if you can change the gold coins of the northern empire into silver ones.  They seem also to be requesting your hospitality for the night.  Along with a strangely-attired Vingan warrior, there's a duck, a dragonewt, and two very strange beings - a tall human with skin darker than you've ever seen on any man before and an inhuman beastman the likes of which you've never laid eyes on.
  1. Drive them off
  2. Give them hospitality
  3. Kill them
  4. Send them to another clan
  5. Tell them you don't have what they want

King of Dragon Pass


  • You may show them hospitality, though your people may take a dim view of their outlandish ways.  The same occurs if you send the strange group to another clan as well as earning the disregard of the other clan.
  • If you don't wish to deal with them, simply tell them so.  If you decide to put a little emphasis via swordpoint (option 1), you will probably suffer some losses.
  • For such a small group to travel without an hindrance, they must possess some strong magic...or treasures you can claim for your own.  Of course, they won't hand them over with a smile.


  • If you are on the lookout for treasures, this is the motherlode.  However, they will fight to retain what they have.  If successful, you will still lose a warrior or two, but it will be very much worth your while as you gain 4 treasures.
  • It is unknown if by showing the Adventurers hospitality whether they will come back in a later event.  In my gameplay, they never did.


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