Ambush of Rival King
Rival King Ambush


Chain Event

Previous Mountain Mating
Next Return to the Grazelands
or Married to Another

Just because you have been chosen by the gods, doesn't mean others won't try to subvert their will.

Event Dialogue

When <X> emerges from the cave, he is confronted by a war party who wear the insignia of the <Y> tribe. It is this tribe's king who is one of the other contestant for the hand of the Feathered Horse Queen. <X> looks for his retinue of warriors, but realizes that they have all been slain by stealth. Now they advance menacingly on <X>, obviously intending to complete their bloody task with the slaughter of a king. What does <X> do?
  1. Call upon Kero Fin to protect him.
  2. "Do not harm me, for I have been granted sovereignty over Dragon Pass!"
  3. Fight them single-handedly.
  4. Offers them gifts if they leave him unharmed.
  5. Promises to cede the contest to their king.

King of Dragon Pass


  • If you successfully called upon Kero Fin's protection, the king will see the every one of the ambushers was crushed in the avalanche.
  • Declaring your sovereignity over Dragon Pass is tantamount to declaring the gods support your endeavors.  Success will have the assembled warriors declare their fealty to you.  Failure results in your demise.
  • Fighting single-handedly will prove your bravery, but gain little else other than your death. 
  • Offering gifts usually fails since the warriors are apt to be more richly rewarded if their own king/queen wins.
  • Ceding the contest to the other king/queen more likely prompts contempt from your cowardice, the leader will kill you.

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