Amulets, a good formed from magical stones you found, are a resource you discover by exploring your tula.  Once discovered, you may set your crafters to making goods from them.  Another clan may make an economic offer to use it.

Discovery Dialogue

While exploring the further reaches of our tula, we camped near a small spring.  As we kept watch that night, we were surprised to see that many of the stones around the spring glow in the darkness like starts.  Our crafters are excited about using these rocks for amulets.  Our neighbors are sure to want to trade for them.

King of Dragon Pass

Trade Dialogue

<X>, and <the Trading Clan> trader, strides into the clan hall.  "We hear you found some odd stones, and would like to trade for them.  We'd even be willing to take the whole lot off your hands, so that you can concentrate on your other crafts instead of having to learn new ones."  As <X> speaks, <Z> yawns elaborately, and folds her arms.
  1.   Refuse them politely, but firmly.
  2.   Let them fill two chests with the rocks, in exchange for 40 cattle.
  3.   Offer to set up a trade agreement, instead, whereby they get first pick of the year's rock gatherings.

King of Dragon Pass

Note: Z is a trader on your clan ring.


  • Politely refusing the Trading Clan, leaves them slightly miffed, but you keep all the stones for your own crafting needs.
  • If you are in need of cattle, then offer two chests in exchange for 40 cattle.  The other clan will usually agree to this trade, but your own amulet output will be lower for the next few years.
  • A middling path, you can offer to set up a trade agreement where the Trading Clan gets the best stone, and you get a certain amount of goods a year.  You may get more if you set more people to crafting, though, and maximize your trade routes.

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