When your clan is well-managed, and its people are healthy and happy, you may get a special visit to convince you to keep following your current path...

Ancestors' Blessing


Random Event

Happens when Respecting ancestral traditions

Event: Clan Version


The spirits of your most illustrious ancestors materialize in your clan hall.  "You have done honor to us, and to the history of the clan.  The wise and judicious rule of the clan ring strengthens our magic, so now we wish to honor you with a reciprocal gift."
  1. Ask for joy.
  2. Ask for magic.
  3. Ask for wisdom.
  4. Decline their offer.
  5. "Grant luck to the leaders of our war parties."

King of Dragon Pass


  • Asking for joy is a waste of a gift, since for your ancestors to appear, your clan usually is in a pretty good mood.
  • Asking for magic will increase your total clan magic.
  • A little more esoteric, asking for wisdom increases the stats of your ring members, though you won't notice to great of a jump in abilities.
  • About the worst choice to make, declining the offer of your ancestors will anger them, and they even remove some of your clan magic.
  • Asking for luck for your war parties will make things much easier when you raid.  However, this doesn't guarantee automatic success.

Variant:  In the king/queen variant mentioned above, the ancestors will increase some of your monarch's stats, such as Leadership.

Event: Tribe Version

This occurs only after you've formed a tribe and only if the king is of your clan.


Spirits of our most noble ancestors appear in the clan hall, accompanied by ancestral spirits from other clans within our tribe. "You may not realize it, but you are poised to do great honor to this clan and the clans of this tribe. We sense a difference in the air, a change in the way the grasses wave, new omens in the gathering clouds." They say that we must remember that not all enemies are forever. "Don't be afraid of new things. If you succeed in fulfilling your destiny, you will bring renown upon us all. We offer you a blessing to aid you on this path.
  1. Ask for a blessing on our cattle.
  2. Ask for a blessing on our trade goods.
  3. Ask for magical blessings.
  4. Ask for blessing on our king/queen.
  5. Thank them and let them decide which blessing they will grace us with.

King of Dragon Pass


  • Asking for cattle will grant you more cows.
  • Asking for goods will make your craftsmen go into overdrive.
  • You will gain some magic if the magical blessings are successful.
  • Your monarch will gain in leadership, combat and magic if blessed.
  • If you leave it up to them, they'll grumble about your inability to choose and 8/10 times bless your monarch then. The other 2/10, they'll curse you, so be warned.


These events will come about when your clan is in a good state, the people are happy, and you haven't deviated too often from your ancestral ways.

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