Ancestors Angered
Who you gonna call?


Random Event

Happens when (1) Not respecting ancestral traditions

(2) Proverb fanatic on ring

For a people as intimate with their forebears as they are, the Orlanthi know their ancestors keep a close eye on their doings...and sometimes let their displeasure be known. 

Event 1: Disrespect


In the middle of Death Week, a gruesome delegation appears in your clan hall.  These are the insubstantial spirits of your own dead warriors.  "You have shamed the clan.  You have turned from the old ways.  You will face nothing but doom and disaster until you act in a manner worthy of our ancestors."
  1. Promise them that you will do better in the future.
  2. Sacrifice to Humakt for protection from ghosts.
  3. Sacrifice to these spirits.
  4. Scold them for frightening their own people.
  5. Try to bind some of the spirits as magical servants.

King of Dragon Pass


This event usually occurs when your clan is in the midst of a bad situation.  However, if things are going well, your ancestral spirits may still appear if you are going contrary to their example (such as showing keeping thralls when your ancestors didn't believe in thralldom).

  • You can try to placate your ancestors (option 1 and 3), but they may not believe you will change (after all, the clan's actions is what led to them to make an appearance in the first place)
  • Scolding them may work (Option 4), but this may backfire as well. 
  • If angered, your ancestors very well may remove some of your clan magic.
  • For those willing to anger their forebears, Option 5 is the most interesting.  Success will net you a treasure (a Spirit Fetch), but it won't exactly endear you to your ancestors.

Note:  Sometimes option 5 won't appear.  It may require having a Humakt worshipper on the clan ring, or possessing some treasure, though this is uncertain.

Also, bear in mind the current situation of your clan.  Sometimes it isn't in your best interests to follow the ways of your ancestors (such as the trolls threatening to raze your clan to the ground if you keep bothering them).

Event 2: Proverb Saturation

Your ancestors are picky people, and will sometimes scold you for no good reason...


During Death Week, a grim delegation appears in your clan hall; these are the spirits of your illustrious ancestors. They have a complaint to make. "Whenever the clan ring deliberates, there is a part of us that hears what you say. We hear you tally up on how many cows you have, what your relations are with your neighbors, and whether you are stronger than clans you might feud with. That is all well an good. But what we can no longer stand to hear are the foolish proverbs that <Your Ring Member> continually resorts to when he has nothing else to say! 'Fish cannot swim in a frozen river!' 'I-forget is the name of the heron who hovers over the feast!' 'It is always better to be alive, for the dead keep no cows!' What are these supposed to mean? They mean nothing! If we hear one more stupid proverb, we will go crazy!
  1. Have <Ring Member> explain the meaning of his various proverbs to them.
  2. Order <Ring Member> to apologize.
  3. Remove <Ring Member> from clan ring.
  4. Sacrifice to them.
  5. Scold your ancestors for frightening the people for no good reason.
  6. Do nothing.

King of Dragon Pass


Keep in mind, whatever you do, that if you anger your ancestors further, they will remove some of your clan magic. You loose some magic at the beginning of this event, too.

  • Doing nothing will anger your ancestors further.
  • Scolding them may work, but it may also backfire.
  • A sacrifice is always welcome, and may soften their hearts towards your <Ring Member>, provided you sacrifice enough to them.
  • Removing your <Ring member> from the ring is a solution that will appease your ancestors, but you may not want to do this, especially if he is Heroic. Adding the <Ring Member> back to your ring will invite further punishement from your ancestors.
  • Apologies have a chance of working, although the ancestors may prefer actions over words.
  • If you try to have your <Ring Member> explain the proverbs, there is a good chance they will be further irritated, and depart.

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