Ancient Battle
Ancient battle


Exploration Event

Area Tula
Notable Rewards More weaponthanes

While exploring your tula, you may discover an ancient battlefield.

Event Dialogue

While exploring, you find evidence that a great battle was fought on your tula on some long-forgotten day.

  1. Brag to other clans about this find.
  2. Conduct a divination.
  3. Shrug and go about your business.

King of Dragon Pass


  • Bragging: How other clans react to your find depends on your best speaker.  Success means an increase in your reputation to other clans, while failure results in a "Meh" response.
  • If you conduct a successful divination, you get a lot more detail about the battle.  You are then presented with a slightly different list of options, where Option 2 is replaced by enacting a ritual on the battle site.  If you pick option 1, then other clans are much more likely to be impressed by your bragging.  If you pick the new Option 2, and if the ritual is successful, a small group of weaponthanes will come to your clan, brought by a dream.  You can easily recruit them, and they prove to be capable fighters. They may even tell you the secrets of a myth, such as Humakt the Champion (myth).
  • Shrugging, and going about your business does little other than missing some good opportunities.


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