Angry Priests
Angry priests


Random Event

Requires Recent Eurmal sacrifice or Chaos propitiation
When sacrifices to Eurmal or Chaos gods harm the innocent, you cannot always evade the consequences.

Event Dialogue (Eurmal)

Priests from a number of nearby clans lodge a legal claim against you. "You have injured us greatly. You sacrificed to the trickster to avoid a curse, and he merely moved the curse to us, who did not deserve it. We demand that you renounce your perfidious ways."

King of Dragon Pass

Event Dialogue (Propitiated Chaos)

Priests from a number of nearby clans lodge a legal claim against you. "You have been sacrificing to Enemy Gods. You have angered the proper gods. Heler will not bring rain. Orlanth will not fight Valind. Until you are taught the error of your perfidious ways, all will suffer."

King of Dragon Pass


  1. Compensate your neighbors for the harm done to them.
  2. Give them wealth to sacrifice to the proper gods.
  3. Hold a feast for the priests.
  4. Promise not to do it again.
  5. Refuse their claim.
  6. Let the tribal moot pass judgment.

King of Dragon Pass


  • Compensating your neighbors will do the trick, though this can get quite expensive.
  • For that matter, giving the priests wealth to sacrifice will also satisfy them, and more importantly, shows your piety.
  • Holding a feast will put the priests in a good mood, but they will still require some recompense.  However, the benefit of this decision is that you may get off with a much lower amount than if you did nothing.
  • If your tribe is generally held in high regard, you can persuade the priests you won't repeat your action.  Success has them believe you, while failure will require some other choice.
  • Refusing will obviously anger your neighbors.
  • Taking the matter to a tribal moot is a chancy at best.  If your neighbors like you (and you give sufficient bribes), they will find for you.  Be wary how many 'gifts' you give the judges; your bribes may end up costing more than what the priests simply wanted.  If you lose, expect to be heavily fined for your actions.

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