Asrelia's Retreat


Chain Event

Previous Limbo

The abode of the goddess Asrelia, one of several places in the realms of the gods, you may find yourself here if a heroquest goes awry.

Event Dialogue

<name> wanders into the underground chamber of Asrelia, the goddess who conceals the wealth of the earth.  "I am lost," <name> says.  Asrelia makes her an offer.  "Gamble with me.  If you win, I will show you how to escape.  What do you wish to put up as your part of the wager?"
  1. "Cows are the best wager"
  2. Decline her offer
  3. "I offer you our clan wealth"
  4. "My life"
  5. "My thoughts"
  6. "Our magic"

King of Dragon Pass


If you decline Asrelia's offer, you will find yourself back in Limbo.  Further exploration may return you here.

However, if you decide to take up Asrelia's offer, then the other choices state what you wager...and what you may lose.

  • Wagering cows and magic may lead to a loss of the clan's cattle/magic in the mortal realms
  • Betting the clan's wealth may lead to a loss of the clan's goods
  • Wagering your thoughts is gambling your character's abilities.  A loss will lead to a decrease in one or more of the character's skills (such as Animals, Bargaining, etc.)
  • Gambling your life is just that:  betting your life on whether you leave or not.  If you lose...well, this is not a death Chalana Arroy can resurrect the character from.

Note:  Success or failure is truly random.  What may work in one time, may not work next time.

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