Attempted Theft


Random Event

 Wealth is measured in many ways:  cows, goods, even magic.  However, the more established clans also have a good number of treasures, and it is no surprise some with little honor come to pay a nocturnal visit...

Event Dialogue

Carls catch a man trying to sneak into a stead at night.  He wears the insignia of clan <X>.  He identifies himself as <Y>.  Housed in the stead were a number of valuable items, including <treasure>

1.  Beat him, then let him go.
2.  Kill him.
3.  Let him go.
4.  Ransom him back to the <X>
5.  Take him as a thrall

King of Dragon Pass


  • If you beat the thief severely enough, the lesson may take, and hopefully stops other would be thief.  This will satisfy the mood of your clan, though some in <X> may take umbrage at this.
  • The ultimate deterrent, killing the thief sends a message.  Then, another window appears where you find out who sent the thief:  a carl <Z> in the <X> clan.  You have other options, such as admitting to killing the <Y>, paying wergild, or even saying you didn't see <Y> at all.  Stating you didn't see the thief may be for the best since <Z> can't admit to just why <Y> was there in the first place, and making himself look bad.  However, the <X> are also more likely to have relations deteriorate.
  • Letting the thief go maintains relations with the <X>, but your own clan mood suffers.  After all, you just let an admitted thief go with no punishment.
  • Ransoming <Y> is a good alternative.  Your clan mood is satisfied, you get some goods, and the <X> won't get too mad at your punishment.
  • Taking <Y> as a thrall may seem to be a good idea.  However, unless you sell him/sacrifice him, the thief manages to escape one day.

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