Babeester Gor: Clan Reunion


Chain Event

Previous Two Missing Daughters Now
Next End of Chain

This is a continuation from the Two Missing Daughters Now event if you failed to recover your nobles' missing child.

Parting can be sorrowful, but reunions aren't always happy either...

Event Dialogue

<X> returns to the clan, now dressed as an initiate warrior of the terrible goddess of revenge, Babeester Gor.  "I was taken from you, and you did nothing but leave me for dead!  Everything was taken from me.  Now I take from you!"  She has already wounded one warrior, and is about to do the same to another. 
  1. "Please forgive us.  We truly thought you were dead."
  2. "Put him down, or you will die."
  3. "We will compensate you for our misdeeds."
  4. "We will compensate your cult for our misdeeds."
  5. "You are still of our clan, you must obey us."

King of Dragon Pass


You may be able to get through to <X>, resolving this situation peacefully, but the odds are good it ends in bloodshed.  

  • Asking for forgiveness results in failure.  As an initiate of Babeester Gor, there is little mercy in her heart, especially as she feels she was abandoned to her fate.
  • Threatening the woman with death if she doesn't stand down only ensures her hosility, and ends in conflict.
  • Offering compensation for the clan's misdeeds also fails.  She feels only blood will balance the scales, and you will end up fighting her.
  • Ordering the initiate to stop, to obey you because she is of your clan, fails as well.  As she was abandoned, her clan ties mean little.  The end result is another bout of violence.
  • The above choices currently all seem to end in the woman's death.  However, killing her will bring down a curse as the clan engaged in kin-slaying. 
  • Engaging the woman's piety is the best course of action, and offering her cult compensation for the clan's misdeeds can end matters peacefully.  Just don't skimp on the payment.

Note:  It is possible some of the other options may end peacefully, but so far that hasn't been seen.

Quest Chain

Young Woman
Seeks Asylum
Two Missing
Daughters Now
I'd Like My
Daughter Back
Clan Reunion
Hand of Vengeance

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