Baby Broos
Look, it's a boy!


Chain Event

Happens when Chaos is left unchecked
Previous Uroxi Cattle Inspector

As violent and ill-mannered as the Uroxi are, sometimes they are right...

Event Dialogue

Looks like you were wrong when you told that Uroxi warrior that your cows weren’t infested by chaos.  Baby broos spring from the still-living bodies of your cattle, and go on a rampage.  Broos are the unspeakably nasty and fecund servants of chaos.  Obviously you must hunt down and destroy the awful little things, before they become awful, big things.
  1. Enact the “Elmal Guards the Steadheroquest, where Elmal defeats chaos monstrosities.
  2. Enact the "Orlanth and Aroka" heroquest, to shield us from kinstrife and chaos.
  3. Find powerful holy warriors of Urox to scour your lands of Chaos taint.
  4. Sacrifice to Eurmal
  5. Sacrifice to Urox
  6. Stay calm, wait for further signs of Chaos taint.

King of Dragon Pass

Note:  If you haven't learned Elmal Guards the Stead, nor Orlanth and Aroka then the pertinent option won't appear.


  • By undergoing the heroquest (Option 1 and 2), success will stop chaos and its monsters in its step, but failure will worsen the problem (and this doesn't include what may happen to the quester should the heroquest goes wrong.)
  • If you manage to get Uroxi, they will cleanse your lands, though it will not be cheap.  Also, you may not be able to find any holy warriors of Urox.
  • Eurmal is a trickster god, and as such has influence over chaos as well.  His favor very well might aid you.  He is just as likely to curse you, and make matters worse.
  • Urox may accept the sacrifice, allowing you time to cleanse your lands, but the gods are always fickle.
  • It is possible no further outbreaks may happen, but sometimes it is best to assume the worst.

Note:  This event indicates a strong presence of Chaos, so don't be surprised if other eruptions come up. 

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