Baby Triceratops


Chain Event

Previous Basket of Eggs
Next Triceratops in the Field

An anonymous gift of eggs hatches into something that doesn't taste like chicken...

Event  Dialogue

The strange eggs hatch and stranger creatures emerge from them.  They are large baby lizard-things, with a ruff of bone around their beaked faces.  You can be sure that nothing this odd has ever been born in one of your barns before.
  1. Kill them immediately
  2. Sacrifice them to Ernalda
  3. Sacrifice them to Uralda
  4. Try to raise them
  5. Try to trade them to another clan

King of Dragon Pass


Fairly straightforward choices.  The baby triceratops may die (though sacrifcing them to Uralda or Ernalda gives a slight increase in magic), or else net you some goods.  However, you certainly may make something more of them if you raise them...


This is a continuation of the Basket of Eggs, which can culminate in Earthshaker Plow Team or Earthshaker Battle Unit.

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