Bandit Infestation
Bandit infestation


Random Event

Happens when Banditry is left unchecked

When the bandits band together take over the roads...

Event: Clan


The roads that connect the clans have become infested with bandits. Men outlawed from various clans have banded together, and are ambushing traders. They've taken two shipments of goods in the last season. They're probably attacking other clans, too.

  1. Dispatch a war party to drive the bandits off.
  2. Offer a reward to other clans for each bandit killed.
  3. Sacrifice to Issaries for the protection of trade.
  4. Send an emissary to the bandits to buy them off.
  5. Send an emissary to the bandits to threaten them.

King of Dragon Pass

Note: If you are in a tribe, you may organize other clans to decimate the the bandits affecting through the tribe


  • If successful, sending a war party to dispatch the bandits will not only flee, but also leave their loot behind, which you can then collect.  However, you will lose one or two weaponthanes in the process.
  • If you are relatively wealthy, you can offer a reward for each bandit killed.  The bandits will definitely be dealt with, but at the cost to your overall goods. 
  • Issaries is the god of trade and travel, so you may wish to sacrifice to him instead.  Success will lower the bandit threat.  Failure may cause the bandits to redouble their efforts.
  • You may attempt to buy the bandit''''s off.  If they prove receptive, bandit activity will lessen, but don't be surprised if they come back later.  There is a good chance your emmisary will fail, and as a result, bandit activity will increase with failure.
  • A sufficiently strong clan can also threaten the bandits.  Success will drive them off, but opposition redoubles their efforts.
  • Neighboring clans may also like you more for getting rid of the outlaws, especially if you are in a tribe.  However, unless you lead the tribe, the current king/queen may view your clan as trying to unseat them.

Event: Tribe Variant


The routes between the clans of the <Your Tribe> tribe are beset by bandits. Trade is hampered, and people see this outbreak of brigandage as a test of the king's abilities.

  1. Find bandit leader and make a deal.
  2. Find the bandit leader and threaten him.
  3. Organize inter-clan patrols to fight the bandits.
  4. Sacrifice to Issaries for the protection of trade.

King of Dragon Pass


  • Striking a deal with the bandit leader, threatening the bandit leader, and sacrificing to Issaries has the same consequences as above.
  • If you organize inter clan patrols, you will have a better chance at success, but will loose a few weaponthanes.

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