Basket of Eggs
What is the saying about eggs and one basket?


Chain Event

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One day, several children find a surprise in your tula.  Thankfully, they aren't inclined to dye them...

Event Dialogue

Someone or something, has evaded your patrols to leave a curious gift on the doorstep of your clan hall.  The gift is a basket containing large, and peculiarly shaped eggs.  The children are wonderstruck.  Adults wonder whether this omen bodes good or ill. 
  1. Care for them until they hatch
  2. Cook them and serve them to prominent carls
  3. Cook and serve them to the clan ring
  4. Cook them and serve them to top weaponthanes
  5. Trade them away

King of Dragon Pass


Not a whole lot to go wrong here.  Either someone gets well fed, you pick up a few trade goods, or you raise them, and see what comes forth.

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