Battle Unit Trained


Chain Event

Notable Rewards Earthshaker Battle Unit
Previous Triceratops in the Field

Given their appearance, it didn't take long for your clan to realize the benefits of training their triceratops for a life of battle.

Event Dialogue

Your efforts to train the earthshakers as battle mounts have been successful!  They're ready to thunder across the landscape, striking fear into your foes and bringing cheer to your allies. 
  1. Give them away
  2. Plan to surprise your enemies with them
  3. Sacrifice them to the gods
  4. Trade them away
  5. Use traders to spread word of these powerful weapons

King of Dragon Pass


  • Keeping the triceratops warmounts gives you a potent weapon on the field of battle. 
  • Giving them away will raise relations with the relevant group. 

Uncomfirmed: If you keep your mounts a secret, you stand a much greater chance of success when first deployed in combat.  If you have traders spread the word, the nearby clans might be less belligerent.


You now posses the Earthshaker Battle Unit.  You can pick it from the item list on the combat screen to use in battle.

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