Bearded Children
Don't lose your hair over this!


Random Event

One fine morning, the children of your clan find they have grown hair all over...and they still haven't hit puberty yet.

Event Dialogue

The children of the clan, boys and girls alike, have begun to grow beards!  The people are worried.  They say it must be a curse of some kind.
  1. Conduct a divination.
  2. Send for shamans to break the curse.
  3. "The beards will fall out if we are patient."

King of Dragon Pass


  • The curse will pass if you do nothing, then again it may not and your reputation will suffer somewhat.
  • If you've been kind to your ancestors, conduct a divination and they'll quickly identify the culprits.
  • Sending for shamans, paying them will get rid of the beards, but you'll lose a lot of supplies. And they will be back to bleed more profits from you. Additionally, other clans will figure you're an easy dupe too.
  • Sending for shamans, and forcing them to break the curse will get rid of the beards, scare the shamans out of their nefarious scheming (for a while) and earn you praise from most clans. However, if you are part of a tribe where you promised to be kind to shamans during the formation then some tribe-mates may take offence.

Note: During exploration you may encounter a Hermit spouting dire prophecies of things that will come to pass unless you sacrifice to Kolat. One of these prophecies involves the children of your clan suddenly sprouting beards, much to general dismay.

The culprits, as divinations can point out to you, might be tricky shamans who want to start a long, profitable relationship with your clan, in which they remove curses that suddenly pop up. That they themselves lay them on you only adds to their fun.

Alternatively, your ancestors might reveal that a clan you're feuding with is responsible for the curse, and you will be given the option to raid them. A successful raid causes the beards to fall out, to the satisfaction of your clan.


  • If you fall for the shamans' scheme, but rough them up on a subsequent visit, they'll put their complaints to your tribe, with previously mentioned consequences. If not in a tribe, they'll aid thy foes.

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