Beastfolk: Clan Destruction


Chain Event

Previous Beastfolk: Dire Warning
Next Dispersal of Your Clan

One has to admit, the centaur leader was a man-horse of his word...

Event Dialogue

As the beastfolk emissaries warned you, the beastfolk have risen up against your clan.  Bringing a force of ducks, minotaurs, and centaurs against you, supported by fox people and wasp people, they virtually destroy your clan.  Almost all of your combatants are dead.  Half of your non-combatants are slain or were taken as thralls.  The victorious beastfolk destroyed your fortifications, drove off most of your livestock, and looted your steads and clan hall.  Many ring members were slain fighting the enormous beast warriors.  In short, the future looks bleak for your clan.  Should the survivors seek membership in other clans, or soldier on, despite impossible odds. 
  1. Disband the clan
  2. Soldier on, despite impossible odds

King of Dragon Pass


If you get to this point, things are pretty much over.  You may be able to keep on fighting (Option 2), but the odds would be astronomically low. 


Since you failed to take the Beastfolk seriously, you are bound to see the Dispersal of Your Clan.

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