Beastfolk: Dire Warning
Beastfolk Delegation


Scripted Event

Happens when Relations with the Beastfolk are too low
Next Beastfolk: Clan Destruction

Though the Beastfolk might be your ancestral enemy, or you just don't like the looks of them, remember, they survived in Dragon Pass when the last human residents were wiped out.  As such, they certainly aren't pushovers...

Event Dialogue

A delegation of Beastfolk come to your clan to warn you that you have gravely offended their people.  "If you harm us any further, you will suffer." says their leader, a Centaur.  "Ironhoof will come back," snorts their minotaur war leader.  "And if that happens, you will surely be destroyed," quacks their duck ally. 

1.  Ask them to leave
2.  Listen to them, but make no commitments
3.  Offer them compensation
4.  Promise not to offend them any further
5.  Take them hostage

King of Dragon Pass


The Beastfolk aren't going to wipe you out if you get this warning, but they are rather close to it so decide your response carefully.

  • Asking them to leave, or listening to them with commitments leaves the status quo as is.
  • You can promise to do better, but the Beastfolk are more interested in results, and not talk.
  • Compensation can smooth relations a little, but a true peace will be more long term in fixing.
  • Taking the delegates hostage might increase your clan magic, but the Beastfolk will take obvious offense at this.


As stated before, if you reach this point, your clan is facing potential extinction at the hands of the Beastfolk.  This usually happens by having poor relations with the Ducks (hope you didn't wipe out the Duck clan to the north of your tula). 

There are some steps you can do to improve this, though. 

  • First, stop raiding the Marsh Ducks, and if it still exists, the Duck clan to the north of your tula
  • Second, if you are getting tribute from the ducks, you can choose to stop collecting tribute.  (To stop gaining tribute, send an emissary to the Duck clan, picking the 'tribute' button as to the goal.  When the emissary arrives, you have the option to stop the tribute.)
  • The best long term solution is to use the Issaries the Concilliator heroquest.

If you matters don't improve, you may soon be facing the event Beastfolk: Clan Destruction.

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