Begging for Help


Random Event

Even though Orlanth owned thralls, there was also a line which one didn't cross in dealing with them...  However, clans frequently go over this line...

Event Dialogue

A thrall owned by the <X> clan stumbles onto your clan lands, begging for help.  "We realize that it is our lot in life to serve," he says, "but we can no longer serve the <X>, who mistreat us terribly.  Even a thrall can take only so much injustice before he must rise up, and strike a blow for freedom."  It transpires that this thrall, <Y>, incited a rebellion on the <X> tula.  He and his fellow thralls killed several <X> and fled to the woods.  Outraged <X> thanes are now pursuing them, seeking vengeance.
  1. Convince the <X> thanes to abandon their pursuit. 
  2. Offer to buy the rebellious thralls from the <X>.
  3. Seize <Y> and return him to the <X> tula.
  4. Send a war party to fight the <X> thanes.
  5. Tend to <Y>'s wounds, but help him no further.
  6. Turn <Y> away.

King of Dragon Pass


Note:  Your magic may increase or decrease, depending on your choices with the thrall and resolutions.  If your ancestors owned thralls, then returning them to their owners or putting them in your servitude will increase clan magic.  A clan who's ancestors didn't believe in thralldom will gain clan magic for helping the thralls escape.

  • Eloquence will convince the <X> thanes to give up pursuit.  Failure will have them proceed after the thralls.  Sometimes they catch them, other times the thralls manage to escape.
  • You can try to buy the thralls, even if no one actually has them in possession.  If the <X> agree, then you have the option of letting the thralls run free, or trying to round them up to use in your own clan.  If the <X> aren't convinced to sell, they may catch the thralls, or the escapees manage to flee.
  • Returning <Y> will increase relations with the <X> clan.
  • Sending a war party gives <Y> the time to flee, but worsens relations with the <X>.
  • Tending <Y>'s wounds increases clan magic if you don't believe in thralldom, while giving aid reduces magic if your ancestors had no problems with thralldom.
  • Turning <Y> away is the status quo, though your clan may be happy/irritated for doing nothing with <Y>, depending on the clan's stance on thralldom in general.

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