Betrothal Approval


Random Event

Event Dialogue

<X> and his wife <Y>, of your clan, seek your blessing in the marriage of their daughter, <Z> to <W>, son of the chieftain of the <A clan>.  <X> is pleased with the match, and with <W>'s bride price of 15 cows worth of goods.
  1. Allow the marriage only if <W> comes up with with additional gifts
  2. Bless the marriage
  3. Bless the marriage, and offer to pay 5 cows worth of additional gifts
  4. Disallow the marriage
  5. Suggest that <V> would be a better match to <Z>

King of Dragon Pass


  • The clan's ring is the final arbiter on whether a marriage is allowed or not.  As such, they can certainly request a higher price in negotation, though this may make the groom's clan break off discussions.
  • It should be obvious that disallowing marriage will cause bad feelings, both within the clan and without.
  • Marriage is often a means to cement relations between clans, and showing a generous side certainly never hurts.
  • However, some indivduals will think better of the ring if they truly care for them, and seek to find a better mate for them.

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