Though being in a tribe has its benefits, it also creates its own problems...

Black Spear I: Argument


Chain Event

Requires Tribe
Next Spear Seekers

Event Dialogue

An argument has broken out within the tribe. Central to the tribal regalia is an ancient and legendary weapon known as the Black Spear. Some clans are claiming that the spear is too useful to be kept only for ceremonies; it should be used by a powerful war clan to hunt and fight. Others say it is too risky to use the spear; if it is damaged, the spirit of the tribe will be wounded, maybe even destroyed.

  1. Argue against the use of the spear.
  2. Argue for the use of the spear.
  3. Conduct a divination.
  4. "It is not the time to have this dispute."
  5. "Let the tribal spirit decide."

King of Dragon Pass


  • The safest course of action, deciding not to use the spear will keep it safe, though you miss out on a couple other opportunities described below.
  • If you argue to use the spear, you will find that it does improve martial/hunting abilities.  There is a downside.  It can be destroyed such as a stray sorcerer's bolt or failed heroquest.  As a result, it can weaken the tribe and other clans will hold you responsible.
  • Deciding this isn't the time for this dispute simply puts off the discussion until later.
  • Conducting a divination and letting the tribal spirit decide seem to be the same thing.  Success indicates the spear should be placed in a forest, and whoever finds it should form a new clan.  Failure will elicit no response, and in fact lowers your reputation among your tribe-mates.
    • Disagreeing with the tribal spirit will drastically decrease your clan magic and lower your reputation with your tribemates.

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