Black Spear III: Clan Birth
BlackSpear Clan Creation


Chain Event

Requires Tribe
Previous Spear Seekers

This event will appear if you agreed with the tribe wyter to create a guardian clan for the Black Spear.

It is a time of celebration as the Black Spear Clan is born.  The best time to forge good relations is now, though whether it will stand the test of time remains to be seen.

Event Dialogue

Warriors from all of the tribe's clans, including yours, have found the hidden location of the Black Spear, and now join together to make the Black Spear clan. They vow allegiance to the tribe, promising to defend it with their powerful magics. <#> of our weaponthanes and a number of adventurous farmers went searching for the Black Spear, and now their families are leaving us to join the new clan.

  1. Compose a poem in honor of the new clan.
  2. Do nothing.
  3. Give them cows.
  4. Give them land.
  5. Sacrifice to the gods to strengthen Black Spear's clan magic.

King of Dragon Pass


  • Doing nothing is the status quo.  However, the Black Spear Clan will remember the your lack of generosity, and be a bit frosty, at least initially.
  • Composing a poem will bring cheer to everyone, if successful. If you fail, you'll look like a fool, and possibly lower your reputation with this new clan.
  • Giving them cows or land will show your generosity, and the new clan will have good feelings towards your clan.  The more you give, the better the reaction.
  • Sacrificing to the gods increases the Black Spear Clan's magic.  The more you sacrifice, the greater the magic they gain.

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