Brass Man's Favor
Brass Man


Chain Event

Previous Dragon Attack
Next Mountain Mating

The chain of prophecy leads you further along...

Event Dialogue

Word reaches you that a man of brass has been seen walking about the narrowest of footpaths in the Quivini Mountains. This mysterious figure must somehow relate to the next stage of the contest.

  1. Before leaving, conduct a divination.
  2. Send <King/Queen> alone and empty-handed.
  3. Send <King/Queen> with a treasure.
  4. Send <King/Queen> with gifts.
  5. Stay at home.

King of Dragon Pass


  • The priestess said that you are supposed to win the favor of the Brass Man, so staying at home won't do much good if you want to win the Horse-Spawn monarch's hand.
  • A divination will cost you magic, and tell you that the Brass Man is a friend in disguise. They will also warn you that a king should always be accompanied by warriors.
  • A treasure will be more appreciated than a gift of cattle or goods, but either suffices to satisfy the Brass Man.  Remember, generosity is one of the paramount Orlanthi virtues. 
  • Going alone and empty-handed is not recommended unless you want to ensure a quick death.

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