Broos: Home on the Range


Random Event

Happens when Chaos is left unchecked

This can be a continuation from the Uroxi Cattle Inspector, or a random, stand-alone event.

Short of plague, or war, nothing can decimate a herd faster than broos, and their contagious touch.  Even worse?  It's not just cattle the broos infect...

Event Dialogue

The herds of the carl <X> have been infested by the evil, chaotic beings called broos.  Everyone knows that the cattle must be destroyed before they give birth to more broos.  What other measures do you take?
  1. "It is sufficent to destroy the herd." 
  2. Recruit weaponthanes from outside the clan to step up patrols.
  3. Seek help of nearby clans in fighting the broos.
  4. Send a small party of warriors to search for broos.
  5. Wage a concerted campaign against the broos

King of Dragon Pass


When events reach this state, you must try to contain them.

  • If it is a small infestation, destroying parts of the herd may be sufficient.  However, this may not get rid of all the broos.
  • If you don't have enough warriors, then recruiting weaponthanes is a good idea.  However, they do cost and too many will set your carls complaining.
  • If you lack numbers, you might be able to get nearby clans to help.  Even if the clans don't care for you they don't want the Chaos to spread.
  • If you send a party out it is possible for your warriors to find a small pocket of broos as well.  Hopefully their numbers will be enough to take them on.
  • If you think there is a major infestation, then a concerted campaign is the way to go.  However, you will lose some warriors in the battle.

Notes:  This event tends to occur when you ignore all warnings of encroaching Chaos.  One way to combat it is to learn and perform some of Urox's blessings. Another way is to attempt the Elmal heroquest.

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