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With life as harsh as it can be in Dragon Pass, people enjoy the opportunity for enjoyment, even if it is from a group that would normally have them on their guard.

Event Dialogue:  Carnival's Approach

A band of wandering musicians requests permission to play at your clan market.  Their representative is a beastman who introduces himself as Hairball, and speaks Tradetalk as well as it can be spoken.  "My master Bundalini, promises an exciting and remarkable performance, one that will bring other clans from all over Dragon Pass.  You will prosper from all the trade opportunities, and our fee for playing is a very reasonable ten cows.  An opportunity to hear Bundalini's All-Skeleton band comes only once in a generation!"  In addition to Bundalini the giant, the party includes two minotaurs and a host of walking skeletons.
  1. Accept the offer
  2. Decline the offer
  3. Drive them off
  4. Suggest another clan they might visit
  5. Tell them to come back later.

King of Dragon Pass


  • If you can afford it, it is recommended you accept the offer.  It will act in the same fashion as a feast, and can improve relations with neighboring clans.
  • If the Beastfolk were your ancestor's enemies, then declining the offer, or driving them off may increase your clan magic.  However, if you choose to use violence, the musicians are more than able to defend themselves.
  • If another clan makes use of the group, their esteem of you may rise.  However, some clans, especially if they dislike you/are your foes, may see Bundalini's arrival as an attempted act of war.
  • If you wish to hire the troops, but can't afford them, they will come back later.


Bundalini Performance Your Clan

Event Dialogue:  Performance Issues

Bundalini and His All-Skeleton Band play at your clan market, and the booming sound of the giant's drum attracts the curious from all of Dragon Pass.  A festival atmosphere ensues, and people from many clans come to trade, to talk, to swap gossip, and to forget old slights.

1.  Challenge members of other clans to tests of skill and strength.
2.  Encourage your people to enjoy the event.
3.  Forge new trade arrangements.
4.  Give gifts to other clans.
5.  Seek advantageous marriages.

King of Dragon Pass


  • If you are feeling competitive, you should challenge other clans to tests of skill and strength.  Victory will raise their esteem, and possibly make them think twice about raiding you.  Failure will lower their esteem, and may lead to further raiding as a result.
  • If you tell your people to enjoy the event, then they treat is as a basic feast, and their morale improves.
  • If you are more of a mercantile bent, you can try and forge new trade arrangements.  Success represents an opening of markets, and you will get more goods.  Failure just is a wasted effort.
  • Giving gifts to other clans is actually easier here because you can theoretically send cattle/goods to every clan if you wish.  In practice you don't want to since the total number of gifts are divided equally by the number of clans you choose to give presents to.
  • Marriages can make strong bonds, and this event can be a good way to gain advantageous marriages.  Failure means just wasted effort, but no other major loss.

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