Skeleton Troop: Other Locale


Chain Event

Previous Bundalini's Skeleton Musical Troop

While you passed on his troop, another clan decided to sponsor Bundalini and are now reaping the rewards.

Event Dialogue

You attend a great market hosted by the <X Clan> at their market.  Bundalini and His All-Skeleton Band perform; the booming sound of the giant's drum attracts the curious from all of Dragon Pass.  A festival atmosphere ensues, and people from many clans come to trade, to talk, to swap gossip, and to forget old slights.  The <X> are hosting a series of athletic and magical challenges.
  1. Encourage your people to enjoy the event.
  2. Forge new trade arrangements.
  3. Give gifts to other clans.
  4. Join the challenges.
  5. Seek advantageous marriages.
  6. Warn everyone that Bundalini is dangerous.

King of Dragon Pass


  • Your clan's morale will improve if you encourage your people to enjoy the event.
  • A good trader could make connections and forge profitable trade arrangements.
  • This is a good opportunity to improve relations with other clans by giving gifts en masse.  However, don't dilute it too much since you can only give up to 250 gifts and 250 cattle.
  • Success at the challenges will improve your reputation with other clans.
  • Advantageous marriages can lead to improved relations - even possible alliances.
  • You may have a Clan Ring member who hates Bundalini and denounces the giant at the festival.  If you're lucky the other clans will laugh it off, otherwise your relations will sour with all of them.

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