Captured Thanes
Don't catch your death of a cold


Random Event

Happens when Raiding

Combat may be glorious, but it isn't a clean affair.  There are always consequences afterward, especially if one's thanes get captured.

Event Dialogue

The <X clan> send word that two of the warriors you thought were killed during your recent raid on them are still alive.  They send <Y>, a member of the <Z> clan, to tell you that they are being held as hostages.  They demand the customary ransom for two weaponthanes.
  1. Let them keep the hostages
  2. Pay them the customary ransom of 20 cows
  3. Send our clan trader to negotiate a lower ransom
  4. Send a small group to rescue hostages
  5. Send a small war party to take hostages from the <X clan>

King of Dragon Pass


  • Allowing the <X clan> to keep hostages may be cheaper, but your own clan's people will be upset.
  • Payment is the custom among the Orlanthi for hostages, though there is no shame in trying to get a better price.
  • Sending a small war party may rescue the hostages, but failure may mean even more captives for the opposing clan...and increased anger.
  • Taking hostages, and exchanging prisoners can certainly work, but this will undoubtedly anger the other clan.

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