Captured by Minotaurs


Exploration Event

Area Beast Valley

As Orlanthi have come to learn, Dragon Pass was far from uninhabited.  As they explored the furthes reaches of the land, some of the natives prove less than friendly...and often legitimately so.

Event Dialogue

<Name> returns with terrible news.  When exploring to the west, the exploratory party was ambushed by gigantic bull-men.  They captured the party and declared them thralls.  They let <name> go, in order to warn the clan that those lands are under the protection of the great Ironhoof, and that any who come there will be taken as thralls.
  1. Let the matter go.
  2. Promise not to trespass on their territory if they return their prisoners.
  3. Send a war party to rescue the prisoners.
  4. Send a war party to take bull-men prisoners; then swap hostages.
  5. Warn other clans not to go to beastfolk territory.
  6. Send <Trickster> to engage bull-men in drinking competition.

King of Dragon Pass


  • You certainly may let minotaurs keep your explorers, but the rest of your clan will grow upset by this...and if you invested in weaponthanes then you've lost money.
  • It certainly is possible to regain your captured explorers in Option 2 and 3.  For both options be sure to send enough warriors with the leader you pick, otherwise your emissary/warleader may end up captured as well.
  • Option 4 should work in theory, but in practice every time I captured bull-men the minotaurs always managed to escape before any prisoners exchange could be set up.
  • Other clans will appreciate the warning.
  • Option 6 should work (in theory) but, in all my plays I've never had it work successfully.  Also this ends with a dead Trickster.

Note:  This seems to happen the second time you send an exploration party into the Beast Valley, so it allows you to prepare for it.

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