Carls And Cottars Fighting


Random Event

Happens when Poor morale in the clan.

At some point, you may find your carls and cottars fighting each other.  Though numerically smaller, carls believe others should give way due to their success, but cottars know they have numbers on their side.  As such, they go to the clan ring for satisfaction.

Event Dialogue

The carls and the cottars are fighting.  The carls complain that the cottars are herding sheep onto their grazing lands.  The cottars complain that the carls expect them to feed their sheep on nothing but rocks and sand. 
  1. Compose a poem about harmony between carls and cottars.
  2. Let them argue
  3. Sacrifice to Uralda, the Cow Mother and Nevala, the Sheep Mother.
  4. Scold the carls.
  5. Scold the cottars.

King of Dragon Pass


  • If you are sure in the poetic abilities of your clan ring, then composing a poem may be the best choice.  Success will have both sides reconcile, and it doesn't cost anything.  Failure just leaves the current level of tension.
  • Letting them argue accomplishes little.  It brings no resolution to the problem, and you may well have the carls and cottars squabble at a later date.
  • Sacrificing to Uralda and Nevala is effective when it succeeds.  However, the goddesses may not take kindly to being called upon for such a mundane matter, and failure just exacerbates the tensions already there.
  • If you scold the carls, relations with your farmers will improve, and decrease with the warriors.  There is a good chance this event will repeat with this choice.
  • Scolding the cottars improves relations with warriors, but decreases with the farmers.  This event may repeat with this choice.

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