Carls Taken as Thralls


Random Event

Imagine going on a religious pilgrimage, and suddenly finding yourself enslaved.  Hopefully, your clan mates will rise to protect their own.

Event Dialogue

<#> carls of your clan failed to return from a pilgrimage to the <Y> clan's temple of <god>.  A search party sent to find them has located them among the <Z clan>, who have clearly taken them as thralls.  Members of the search party report that the <Z> were severely overworking the captured carls.
  1. Buy the carls' freedom back.
  2. Do nothing.
  3. Recapture the carls in a raid.
  4. Send for shamans to lay a curse on the <Z>.

King of Dragon Pass

Variant: There is one variation to this if you are in a tribe with the clan who has your carls, you can take the <Z> to a tribal moot to sue for their return.


  • Though not cheap, buying your carls' freedom back is probably the best option.  The farmers' mood will improve, though your weaponthanes may prefer a more violent reprisal.
  • Doing nothing is arguably the worst choice.  Overall morale will drop as you people see the ring will not coming to their aid.  Additionally, your harvest may be poorer as some of your farmers/herders are no longer there.
  • If you are confident in your martial abilities, rescuing the carls is a cheaper alternative.  However, if you fail, you face the possibility of even more people captured, or deaths.  Finally, you don't want to raid in Sea or Earth season as it affects your crops.
  • Summoning shamans won't return your carls, but will let the <Z> know you mean business.  Also a successful curse can weaken the <Z> if you decide to raid in a more appropriate time.

Variant:  If you are in a tribe, and take the <Z> to a tribal moot, a good lawspeaker, and sufficient bribes will have your carls returned.  It will also set the precedent that you don't take people in your own tribe as thralls.

Note:  It is possible to rescue the carls later, but you have to initiate a raid on the <Z> clan, and set your goal to "Take Captives".

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