Carls on Strike


Random Event

Happens when Farmer morale is low

Though Orlanthi prize glory, one must temper this with common sense.  If the farmers and carls, the bedrock of the clan feel aggrieved, they will make their displeasure known.

Event Dialogue

Your unhappy carls have grown so discontented that they put down their farm implements.  They refuse to till the soil, feed the cattle, or weed the gardens until you address their grievances.  "Time after time," they complain, "you have acted against the interests of the farmers, the backbone of the clan.  We will have no more of it."
  1. Dismiss some warriors
  2. Distribute goods to the farmers which have been set aside for the weaponthanes.
  3. Order the warriors to force them back to work
  4. Replace the chief
  5. Trade for more cows

King of Dragon Pass


The farmers are feeling overworked, and unappreciated, and are essentially on strike.  If matters aren't attended too, then the clan itself is in dire straits as fields go untilled, animals uncared, and internal strife builds.

  • Dismissing warriors will certianly ease the burden of the farmers, though it may leave your clan open to raids, and your weaponthanes' morale will drop.
  • Giving goods will show your appreciation to the farmers, but the more you bribe them, the more they may come to expect. Also, these goods were intended for the weaponthanes, and giving them away to carls will anger them.
  • Ordering the warriors to force the farmers to work essentially treats them as thralls.  In the short term, this may work, but unless things are improved it just brews greater anger in the future.
  • Replacing the clan chief can placate the disgruntled farmers, but if matters don't improve, you are back to the original problem.
  • If their disgruntlement was brought on by a lack of cows, then increasing the herd will please them.

Note:  There are many reasons this event may occur, but it mostly happens because things are going poorly for the farmers.  Increasing your herd size, using Chalana Arroy's Blessing:  Hope, holding feasts, as well as certain treasures can help.

This event may also occur if your clan is suffering raid after raid.  If this is the case, you may wish to try and make peace.

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