Cattle Compensation


Random Event

Ring members are picked for their wisdom, but all too many have vices they indulge in.  One such is greed...or stupidity.

Event Dialogue

Traders from the <X> clan have come to complain about the outcome of a recent trade deal.  "<Ring Member> traded your cows for our sheep.  Yet the cows he sent were mangy and some had diseased hooves!  We had to put them down, so the disease spirits that afflicted them would not infest the rest of our cattle.  Then we had to have shamans purify our herds.  We demand another twenty cows, to replace the sick ones <Ring member> sent, and to repay what we gave to the shamans."
  1. Compensate them as they ask.
  2. Forbid <Ring Member> to make any more trade deals.
  3. "Legally, we are not responsible."
  4. Offer them half of what they ask.
  5. Refuse them outright.

King of Dragon Pass

Note:  There is a variant where if you are in a tribe, you can tell the <X> to take the matter to the tribal moot.


  • Compensating the <X> will ensure good relations with them, but the morale of your own clan suffers because of the actions of the ring member.
  • Forbidding the <ring member> from making anymore deals will improve the morale of your clan.  However, you must still address the concerns of <X>.  You will return to the choice menu and allowed to handle the matter further.
  • There is some merit to the choice that you are not legally responsible for what happened.  Many Orlanthi see nothing wrong with taking advantage of another, holding to the belief of buyer beware.  Needless to say, the <X> will not be pleased by this choice, but if you are sufficiently persuasive, they will let the matter rest.
  • While the <X> will not like the reduced amount, they will accept if you offer them half.  This will make matters square between you and the <X>.
  • Refusing the <X> outright is the easiest choice, but will definitely anger the <X>.  If pushed far enough, they may even target you in future raids.

Variant Consequence:

  • If you go to the tribal moot. the final cost may be more than what the <X> is asking.  Even if you win, you might still take a large financial hit, especially if you bribed the judges to a large amount.

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