Cattle Sickness


Random Event

The most important animal to Orlanthi, nothing frightens them more when a plague sweeps through their herds.

Event Dialogue

Many of the cows are sick.  The carls are worried that the disease spirits will grow stronger and infest the healthy animals.  They figure that <#> cows have the disease right now.
  1. Destroy the diseased animals.
  2. Sacrifice to Uralda, the cow mother.
  3. Send for Uralda priestesses from other clans.
  4. Send for shamans to drive away the disease spirits.
  5. Separate the diseased cows from the healthy ones.

King of Dragon Pass

Note:  There may be an additional option if you have a shrine/temple to UraldaUnconfirmed


  • Destroying the diseased cattle is the bare minimum.  It should suffice to save the rest of your herd, but the rest of the clan may displeased that you didn't do more.
  • A successful sacrifice to Uralda, will save more cattle.  A failure will result in the cattle/goods/thralls lost to a failed supplication.
  • If you lack any priestesses Uralda, you can try to summon Uralda devotees from other clans.  If they come, then the priestess are capable of saving more cattle than your clan on its own.  However, you may not get anyone to show, especially if you are enemies with your neighbors.
  • Shamans can be a good choice if you don't think a sacrifice, or Uralda priestess doesn't work.  However, the shamans never defeat the spirits, and only redirect them.  As a result, you may get another event which a clan is affected by your actions, and wants restitution.
  • Separating the diseased cattle may spare more cattle from the knife, but there is a possibility you missed one, and reinfect your whole herd again.

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