Centaur or Secret Murder


Random Event

Requires Keeping thralls

It is not unheard of for the Beastfolk to waylay one of the Orlanthi, but when the only survivor is a thrall, then his word is suspect...

Event Dialogue

One of your thralls, <X> reports that a centaur slew one of your carls, <Y>, when both were returning from a trip to inspect some cattle the <Z clan> want to trade to you.  "It came out of nowhere," <X> says, "It was huge, and fire came out of its eyes.  I don't know why it didn't kill both of us, but it didn't, so I've lived to tell the tale."
  1. Compose a poem in honor of <Y>.
  2. Conduct a divination.
  3. Console <Y>'s family.
  4. Outlaw <X> for secret murder.
  5. Sacrifice to the gods to speed <X>'s spirit to the realm of the dead.
  6. Send a war party to hunt centaurs

King of Dragon Pass


The death of <Y> will lower the morale of your clan, though it can change depending on what course of action, and how successful you are.

  • Composing a poem will raise the attitude of your people if it is successful, while a failure will have your people wondering at the lack of effort.
  • A successful divination will reveal that <X> is responsible for the death, and should be the one punished.
  • Consoling <Y>'s family, if perceived as sincere, will raise the mood of the grieving ones.
  • Outlawing <X> may be possible if others do believe he is responsible for the death, so conducting the divination first is recommended.  After making <X> into an outlaw, you can then decide whether to slay him or not.
  • A successful sacrifice to the gods will raise your clan magic as <X>'s spirit becomes one with the ancestors.
  • If you believe <X>, or just are looking for an excuse to attack the Beastfolk (such as if they are your clan's enemy), then sending a war party to hunt centaurs is your choice.  Realize that this will definitely worsen relations with the Beastfolk.

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