Chalana Arroy
Chalana arroy
The healing goddess.
Rune Rune Chalana Arroy


Shrine & Temple

Heroquest Chalana Arroy Heals the Scars

Chalana Arroy ( Chah-lah-nuh a-roy ) is the goddess of Health and Healing, and one of the Seven Lightbringers.



The worshippers of Chalana Arroy are sworn to non-violence.

Shrines and Temples

You can build a shrine or a temple to her.

On the Ring

Having a worshipper of Chalana Arroy on the Ring allows you to put more magic into Health during Sacred Time.


If you sacrifice to Chalana Arroy, she may bless you with the following :

  • Curing : Hastens recovery of sick people.
  • Healing : Hastens recovery of wounded people.
  • Resurrection : Restores the dead to life
  • Hope : Improves the people's morale

Note: If you build a shrine, you may only gain the permanent benefits of Curing and Healing.  Additionally, there are certain events where Resurrection may not give life to the dead, such as death from heroquests.


  • Chalana Arroy used to be an attendant of the Emperor, Yelm, Orlanth's enemy. She later joined the Storm Tribe, and became one of the Seven Lightbringers.
  • Did I ever tell you the story about what happened when Eurmal lifted Chalana Arroy's skirt to see what was underneath.  -- Ring Member
  • As bringer of mercy and healing, the goddess Chalana Arroy holds a special position in the hearts of the people. -- Ring Member
  • Eurmal cheated Chalana Arroy out of her healing salve.  He put it on himself, and parts of him would not stop growing, no matter how many times he chopped them. -- Ring Member
  • She has a son named Arroin whose tears became a powerful healing crystal.

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