Chalana Arroy Heals the Scars is a heroquest, where the quester enters the godplane to assume the role of the healing goddess, Chalana Arroy and conduct her four great healings.


You can read the full myth in game, from your lore screen, or at Chalana Arroy Heals the Scars (myth).


If you successfully complete this heroquest, you can ask one of the following:

  • Make the quester wiser, (increases Bargain, Leadership, Magic, Custom)
  • Heal your wounded,
  • Heal your sick,
  • Make healing easier,
  • Heal a rift in the clan,
  • Heal a rift in the tribe (increases the tribe mood),
  • Make peace with feuding clans.

Additionally, the successful completion of this heroquest will reduce the rates of sickness and disease for about 3 years.

The Quester

In the PC version, such as available from GoG, any person may undergo the heroquest

In the iOS version, followers of Humakt are unable to perform the heroquest. (If they can, please file a bug .)

Nevertheless, no matter the version, keep in mind that Chalana Arroy worshippers will have a better chance at succeeding.


  1. Heal them and the Storm people.
  2. Heal his blindness.
  3. Heal his judgement.
  4. Learn the secret of fighting without hurting.
  5. Throw yourself between the two warriors. Or learn the secret of winning without causing the other person to lose.
  6. Heal his scar of certitude.

You can skip multiple portions of this quest, seemingly without any penalty. For example, you can simply choose not to heal the fire tribe, which avoids the encounter with Elmal and Orlanth. You can also fail the Storm Bull encounter with no penalty (unless you say you love all things, even Chaos, in which case Storm Bull will slay you utterly).


Choosing your main benefit, should you succeed (the starting text will vary, depending on the number of worshippers you have etc):


This myth begins during the war between Orlanth and the followers of the Evil Emperor called Yelm. It tells how Chalana Arroy conducted four great healings. What benefit does <Quester> seek from this heroquest?

  1. Heal a rift within the clan.
  2. Heal the wounded.
  3. Make peace with enemy clans.
  4. Make the quester wiser.
  5. Make healing easier in the future.
  6. Heal a rift within the tribe.
  7. Heal the sick.

King of Dragon Pass


Starting the Heroquest:

<Quester> arrives in a strange place, a shattered palace full of wounded foreigners. "Chalana-who-calms!" they cry. "At last! You are here! The evil storm barbarians have not only slain glorious Yelm; they wounded many of us. They killed others with this new weapon of theirs. We wounded and killed some of them too, but we need help if we are to survive."

  1. Go to heal the wounded Storm People.
  2. Heal them, then go to heal the Storm People.
  3. Heal them.
  4. "I am not one of you. I am an Orlanthi!"
  5. Leave the realm of the gods.

King of Dragon Pass

ChalanaArroyHeroquest 3

When the foreigner blocks her way:

One of the foreigners blocks <Quester>'s way when she prepares to leave the palace. "I will not allow you to go and heal our enemies. They slew our king, and must be destroyed. You must be on our side, or no side at all. Turn back, or I will kill you."

  1. Heal his blindness, so that he joins the storm people.
  2. Leave the realm of the gods.
  3. Turn back.
  4. "Kill me if you must; I will heal myself."
  5. "Kill me if you must; I will not be deterred."

King of Dragon Pass


Meeting Orlanth:

<Quester> heals many storm people, but then Orlanth, reeking of blood and shaking with the madness of the battlefield, makes to attack her. "You claim that you are one of us, but once wore the garb of the enemy. Even worse, you have healed the enemy, so he can get back up and fight us again. You should not heal us if you also heal the foe. You should die, so we can finish killing them!"

  1. Heal his need to fight.
  2. Heal his wounded judgement.
  3. "Kill me if you must; I will heal myself."
  4. "Kill me if you must; I will not be deterred."
  5. Leave the realm of the gods.

King of Dragon Pass


Meeting Malia of the Unholy Trio:

After a long time of peace, the Unholy Trio appear in the world. They cause trouble at Orlanth's court, disturbing the people and demanding special privileges. Orlanth's brother, Kolat, argues with them, and the goddess called Malia uses her terrible gift, the scar of disease, to make Kolat unwell.

  1. Fight Malia.
  2. Heal Kolat.
  3. Learn the secret of fighting without hurting.
  4. Leave the realm of the gods.

King of Dragon Pass

Chalana arroy heals scars

Meeting Urox and Ragnaglar:

The Unholy Trio creates the Devil and embroils the world in war. Storm Bull decides to kill all of them, starting with his brother, Ragnaglar, who he says is the worst of the betrayers. The two of them fight at the Shrieking Falls. Urox wounds Ragnaglar and is ready to deliver the killing blow.

  1. <Quester> throws herself between the two combatants.
  2. Learn the secret of winning without making the other person lose.
  3. Leave the realm of the gods.
  4. Let him kill Ragnaglar.
  5. "I can't heal Chaos if you destroy it."
  6. "I love all things, even Chaos."
  7. "To kill Ragnaglar will bring kinstrife, and make the Darkness worse."

King of Dragon Pass


Conflict with Humakt:

As the battle against Chaos continues, many are slain. Chalana Arroy tries to heal as many of them as she can, which brings her into conflict with Humakt, grim guardian of the thing called Death. They argue many times. Then King Heort is seized and pierced in a hundred places by Thed, third member of the Unholy Trio. Chalana Arroy is about to put him back together, but Humakt stands in her way. "Although Heort was great, and Orlanth's people need him, anyone may be killed at any time. The line between life and death is one even you should not be allowed to cross. I forbid it."

  1. Heal the scar of certitude under Humakt's tongue.
  2. Heal the scar of hardness over Humakt's heart.
  3. Heal the scar of sorrow under Humakt's eye.
  4. Ignore Humakt and heal Heort anyway.
  5. Leave the realm of the gods.

King of Dragon Pass

Successful Resolution:
The Quester returns to the land of mortals, her quest a successful one.

King of Dragon Pass

Note:  This text will vary depending on the reason you enacted the heroquest

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