Chaos Skirt
Chaos skirt


Random Event

Happens when Chaos is left unchecked
Requires Female ring member

Chaos hides in the most unexpected places...

Event Dialogue

<Ring Member> has been stricken with a terrible illness. Investigation by a worshipper of Urox confirms everyone's suspicions ~ she is the victim of chaotic magic. The Uroxi pinpoints the method of infection: the fabric of one of her skirts was woven with hard-to-discern Chaos runes, as well as other malign runes. Nobody is sure who gave <Ring Member> the skirt, and she is too sick to talk. She is attended by your best healers.

  1. Find out if another clan made the skirt.
  2. Interrogate the women of the clan.
  3. Sacrifice to Chalana Arroy.
  4. Sacrifice to Urox.
  5. Search for outlaws.

King of Dragon Pass


  • The first thing you should do is see if you if you have a very good trader on the ring.  The reason? They may be able to tell you where the bolt of cloth used to make the skirt is from, especially if it came from another clan.  Be sure to click on the ring member to get their advice.
  • You may try to find out if another clan made skirt.  If the clan did make the skirt, (especially if you received a response from your trader mentioned above), then you will get three more choices.  One is to let the clan punish their wayward member, you can try to make her remove her spell, or just ask for the right to kill the Chaos weaver.  The end result, no matter what choice you make, is the Chaos follower dies, and your ring member is still infected.  Failure to remove the spell also causes a slight loss to your clan magic.
  • If you are unsure who made the skirt, then you should consider  interrogating the women of your clan.  If one is guilty, you will be faced with another choice: to brand her as a servant of chaos and drive her off, force her to dispel the hex on your ring member, or kill her. If forcing her to dispel the chaos magic fails, you will loose clan magic. If she isn't killed, you might become a target for chaos creatures.  One thing to consider, if you don't find the responsible party, then your clan's morale lessens as the accusations fly.
  • Sacrificing to Chalana Arroy may heal your ring member, but you will never find the person responsible.  Success will definitely increase the chances of your ring member's survival.  Failure may leave them open to death.
  • Sacrificing to Urox does little to find the culprit, or save your ring member.  However, if successful, this reduces the chance of an eruption of Chaos, such as the appearance of broos.
  • You may find the source of Chaos by searching for outlaws.  Realize you may not find any outlaws at all.  Even if you do find outlaws, and successfully battle them, there is still no guarantee they are the source of the skirt.

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