Chaotic Decapitation
Chaotic decapitation


Random Event

Happens when Chaos is left unchecked

When a warrior of Urox comes to question your citizens in order to find a chaos-worshipper guilty of murder by decapitation, you have cause for concern...

Event Dialogue

<X>, a great Uroxi warrior from the Chaos-hating <A> clan, comes to share a blood-curdling tale. One of that clan's ring members was just found decapitated in the forested part of the <A clan> tula. <X> is certain that the killer is a member of the chaotic cult of Thanatar, known for stealing heads and putting them to grim magical use. <X>'s clan-mates conducted a divination, and concluded that the Thanatar cultist is a member of your clan! <X> wants to question your clan members in order to identify the culprit.

  1. Conduct your own divination.
  2. Have the clan ring conduct the questioning.
  3. Have <Uroxi ring member> conduct the questioning.
  4. Let <X> interrogate people.
  5. Refuse him.

King of Dragon Pass

Note:  Option 3 won't appear if you don't have a follower of Urox on your clan ring.


  • It's no surprise that refusing him will sour the relationship between your clan and his. (It may even hurt your relationship with the Uroxi cult.)
  • Although <X> will curse you for wasting time and doubting him, conducting a divination will cost you a magic point, but it might be worth it...
  • Having your own ring question your people might not be a very good idea, because <X> might assume you are harboring Chaos, if you protect your people. This may hurt your reputation with neighboring clans.
  • Have your own Uroxi conduct the questioning usually reveals no guilty party.  Unlike the other options, though, <X> will accept your ring member's word, and leave. 
  • If you let him interrogate your people, he may accuse one of your ring members of chaos worshipping. You will then be given the choice to accept his judgement, and outlaw them, or refuse to accept the ruling. If you refuse to accept the judgement, the Uroxi will leave, furious, and your reputation will take a hit.

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