This event usually only triggers when the mood of your tribe is really low, such as Ugly or Grim.

Chieftains Demand Abdication


Chain Event

Happens when Very low tribal morale
Requires Tribe
Next Abdication/Overthrow of Monarch
War: All Against One

Orlanthi can be an opinionated bunch at the best of times.  You could say the sky is blue, and one would argue that it is more of an azure.  So, when all the chieftains of your tribe agree on one thing (namely your rule), then you need to pay attention.

Event Dialogue

The chieftains of your tribe come to the king/queen to demand that he/she step down.  "You have dishonored us and shamed our ancestors," says their spokesman <X>.  "You have failed to live up to your royal oaths.  Although we are sworn to obey you, your disregard for proper behavior is too much to bear.  The only good thing you can do now is renounce the throne.  If you do not, violence will be the only option.
  1. Cajole the less determined chieftains into supporting the king/queen again.
  2. Give all of the chieftains gifts.
  3. Promise to fight them all, if necessary.
  4. Renounce the throne.
  5. Sway them with eloquent words.

King of Dragon Pass


One thing to be wary of is that on the options which use your diplomatic skills (Options 1, 2, 5) fails, you are left with the option to renounce the throne, or go to war with all involved.

  • If you are blessed with a silver tongue, then you can persuade some of the more pliable chieftains to support your monarch once more.
  • Bribery can work wonders.  By giving the chieftains gifts, you may get them back on your side.  If you go this route, don't be stingy. 
  • A promise is a promise, and in this one, you get the war you wish.
  • Renouncing the throne restores peace.
  • You would have to be blessed by Issaries himself, but if you trust in your speaking skills, then try eloquent words to sway the gathered chieftains.  Success will pacify them.


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