Clan On Your Doorstep


Random Event

Sometimes you have to wonder just how effect your weaponthane patrols are...

Event Dialogue

A new clan arrives in the area and claims part of your land.  Like you, they left you their homes in Heortland because they cannot bear the tyrannical rule of the Pharaoh.  "You have more land than you need, and we have more need than land," says their chieftain, <X>.  "Surely as good Orlanthi, you will allow us to live here."
  1. Drive them off by force
  2. Hold a feast for them, then ask them to go
  3. Give them some of your lands, if they agree to an alliance
  4. Offer to adopt them into your clan
  5. Persaude them to leave

King of Dragon Pass


There are many possible outcomes from this encounter.

  • If you drive them off, the new clan will establish their presence elsewhere, and have a major grudge against you.  It is not known if they are capable of defeating you, and claiming some land for their own.
  • Holding a feast, or persuading them to leave will have the clan leave as well, but remain on good terms with you.
  • If your own numbers are quite low (say from constant raids, or plague), you can refurbish your numbers by adopting that clan into yours, as well as a few more ring members.  However, make sure you have enough land set to cropland to accomodate your suddenly greater numbers.
  • Giving them some land may arguably be the best choice, especially if you have excess land.  By giving them 50 units of land, you gain an alliance, as well as a fervent ally on your side when it comes time to form a tribe.  However, if you claimed "As much land as we needed, no more" in Clan Creation, you may not have enough land to give the newcomers.  Also, double check your farming screen to see if you need to convert more wildland into farmland and grazing land.

Note:  Unless you subsume them, the newcomer clan will have the description: They're known for surviving pursuit by terrible foes.

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