In King of Dragon Pass, you can decide which type of clan yours will be: a peace clan, a balanced clan, or a war clan.

Changing Clan Types

This is one of the only decisions made during clan creation that isn't set in stone. You can reorganize your clan to become a different type of clan at anytime, using the "Reorganize" button on the Clan iconclan screen. Changing clan types does not anger your ancestors, but it does take a few years to see any major changes.

Peace Clans

Peace clans tend to favor peace. That is not to say they do not have any warriors, or cower in prayer when a raid comes their way, but if given the choice, they will choose diplomacy over war.

Peace clans:

  • Have smaller armies, and more farmers,
  • Can spend more magic on crops, herds, and diplomacy during Sacred Time,
  • Favor Ernalda as their main goddess,

Balanced Clans

Balanced clans are more versatile than the other clan types. They are the jacks of all trades, but masters of none.

Balanced clans:

  • Have medium armies, and a medium number of farmers,
  • Favor Orlanth as their main god,

War Clans

War clans tend to favor war. Do not make the mistake of thinking that a war clan needs to conquer everything by force, or that they rely solely on raiding to feed themselves.

War clans:

  • Have bigger armies, but sligtly fewer farmers,
  • Can spend more magic on war during Sacred Time,
  • Favor Elmal as their main god,

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