Cooking Contest


Random Event

As tough as life can be in Dragon Pass, the Orlanthi still make time to enjoy themselves.  It improves the morale of people, and can strengthen relations with one's neighbors.

Event Dialogue

The <X> have challenged all of the neighboring clans to a cooking contest.  They claim that they make the best food in all of Dragon Pass, and wish to prove it.
  1. Offer to judge food cooked by others.
  2. Treat the event as a festival for your peoples' enjoyment.
  3. Try to win the contest.
  4. Use magic to help win the contest.

King of Dragon Pass

Variant:  If you have performed the The Making of the Storm Tribe heroquest, you can sound out the other clans about forming a tribe


  • If you judge the cooking contest, then whoever you pick to win will improve their relations with you.  However, the <X> clan are the best cooks in Dragon Pass, and relations will sour if you pick someone else to win.
  • If you treat this event as a general festival, then your peoples' morale will improve as much as if you held a feast.  The only difference is that this one is free.
  • You certainly may try to win the contest, but the odds are against you.  A win will improve how other clans' view you, even the <X> clan.
  • If you have a good store of magic, you should find it easier to win the cooking contest than with skill alone.  However, if the magic goes haywire, then your food will taste the worst, and other clans' view of you may drop due to the bad grub.

Variant:  If in the tribe variant, if the other clans think it is a good idea, you find out they are not averse to the idea.

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