A cow is much more than a farm animal in King of Dragon Pass. It is a unit of measure for wealth. The more cows a clan has, the richer it is. Cows are the most precious commodities to the Orlanthi.


As you progress in your game, you might find yourself short on cows. There are several ways to get more cows, such as:

  • Cattle raiding. Send out a small party to steal cows from your neighbors. It's perfectly safe, and you don't risk pissing them off, cattle raids are common practice, even amongst allies. After all, if you can't protect your cattle, you didn't deserve to have them in the first place.
  • Raiding. This is a trickier choice, as your target clan will be offended. Unless you're already at war with them. Plundering will yield the highest loot, not only in cows, but in goods, food and even horses. If victorious at plundering many times over, the victim clan might even offer you some more cows in exchange for a break in your attacks.
  • Buying them. Send a caravan out to trade your surplus goods, horses or, in very desperate times, food.
  • Performing herd rituals at Sacred Time. This will boost your cows' fertility, and you will see many more calfs born during the year. Having a Uralda worshipper on the ring allows you to spend even more magic on herds during Sacred Time.
  • Sacrificing for Uralda's Calf Blessing. Even better, build a shrine to her!
  • Having enough pastures. Consult with your ring in the farming screen, one of them will tell you how much land is needed for your herds. Give your herds double that number, and adjust regularly as your herds grow.
  • Treasure Possession.  Certain treasures can increase the size of your cattle herds, such as the Clay Cow,Blacktail the BullMany-Birthing Cow, or Son of Blacktail.

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