Cult of Uralda: Fertility Ritual


Random Event

The Cult of Uralda is a group of priests and worshippers of the cow goddess, Uralda.  As cattle are the basis of Orlanthi economy, this cult is one of the more important ones.

Event Dialogue:

Cultists of Uralda, mother of cows, come to you and offer to perform a ritual to honor their goddess. The ritual will make your cows healthier and more fertile. Although they do so to honor Uralda, it is also clear that they want you to offer something in exchange for their ritual services.
  1. Accept their offer; tell them you owe them a favor
  2. Allow them to perform the ritual, but offer them nothing
  3. Do not allow the ritual
  4. Offer them a share of clan magic
  5. Offer them gifts

King of Dragon Pass


There are mostly two outcomes here.  Either you gain the benefits of the Uraldans' rituals, or you don't.  However, there are several ways to pay for them.

  • Probably the simplest option, tell the cultists you will owe them a favor.  This favor will essentially mean you owe the Cattle Clan.  This option may fail, though, if you get a reputation for not repaying favors when they come due.
  • If you allow the cultists to perform the ritual, but pay offering nothing will have the cultists leave in disgust, your reputation with other clans will go down, and your own people will be displeased for the result.
  • You may refuse the ritual.  This cultists will move on, but your own the morale of your farmers will take a hit.
  • Another payment option, you can bestow some of your magic on the cultists.  Obviously, your magic will take a hit, but the cultists will agree to do the ritual.  However, the more magic you give, the better the result. 
  • If you'd rather to hold onto your magic, and don't wish to owe favors, then the third option is to give gifts to the cultists.  This choice then allows you to give second screen where you can give them cattle and/or goods.  If you give them too little, your reputation will take a hit, and they may refuse to enact the ritual.

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