Cult of Yinkin: Anti-Vermin Ritual
Yinkin cult


Random Event

The Cult of Yinkin is a group of priests and worshippers of the Alynx god, Yinkin.  While not as influential as other cults, they do have their benefits...

Event Dialogue

Devotess of the cult of Yinkin, the god of alynxes, have an offer to make you.  "We have noticed that the woods around your tula are infested with many types of rodents, including a type which is susceptible to spirits of disease.  If you want to give us something in return, we can perform a ritual which will improve the hunting abilities of your alynxes.  They will kill these forest dwelling-rats, freeing you from the risk of disease."
  1. Let them share in your clan magic.
  2. Offer them alynx kittens.
  3. Offer them goods or livestock.
  4. Refuse their offer.
  5. "We'll owe you a favor."

King of Dragon Pass


This is actually a beneficial event.  It preserves your harvest from spoilage for a relatively low cost.

  • You may offer clan magic, though if you don't have much to start with, you might consider one of the other options.
  • As devotees of Yinkin, they certainly have a love for alynxes.  Either they love your kittens and perform the ritual for free or declare them the offspring of Yinkin's lesser brother and demand payment.
  • They will willingly accept goods or cattle, and don't require much.
  • Refusing their offer has little effect except losing a bit more food.
  • As many cults tend to be more associated with one clan over another, you may end up owing another clan a favor.