Cult of Yinkin: Dogs in Dragon Pass
Yinkin cult


Random Event

Orlanthi as a whole have a fondness for the alynx, and a great dislike for dogs.  Part of this is due to Orlanth's brother being Yinkin, part of it is Orlanth's battles with dog-like gods in the past.

Event Dialogue

Devotees of the Cult of Yinkin, the god of alynxes, appear before you soliciting your help.  "We have discovered something terrible!  The <X clan> are breeding dogs!  As you know, Dragon Pass is free of these dirty, disgusting creatures, who are natural enemies to alynxes.  We have decided to show our devotion to Yinkin by raiding the crazy <X> and destroying their foul dogs.  We want your help.
  1. Convince the <X clan> to destroy their dogs
  2. Give them gifts, so they can hire mercenaries
  3. Let them share in your clan magic
  4. Refuse them
  5. Sacrifice to Yinkin on their behalf
  6. Send warriors

King of Dragon Pass


There are just three main outcomes here:

  • Support the Cult of Yinkin, which angers the clan breeding the dogs.
  • Do nothing, and anger the Cult of Yinkin (although what the Cult can do is unknown)
  • Convince the <X clan> to destroy their dogs. This usually requires some bribery.

Notes: If the Cult raids clan <X>, it is variable as to whether they succeed or not.

Also, it is likely this dialogue happens after Cult of Yinkin: Anti-Vermin Ritual mostly because the anti-vermin ritual establishes relations with the Cult.

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