Cult of Yinkin: Heroquest
Yinkin cult


Random Event

The Cult of Yinkin is a group of priests and worshippers of the Alynx god, Yinkin.  While not as influential as other cults, they do have their benefits...

Event Dialogue

Devotess of the cult of Yinkin, the god of alynxes, appear before you soliciting your help. "We are planning a dangerous heroquest to fight Telmor, god of wolves. So we need someone to play the part of Orlanth, Yinkin's brother. You can help us."
  1. Send on of your leaders.
  2. Offer some of your clan magic instead.
  3. Offer to sacrifice on behalf of the heroquest.
  4. Decline to help.

King of Dragon Pass


  • Sending a leader seems to work - the heroquest succeeds, the cultists are happy.

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