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Myths Orlanth and Aroka
Ernalda Feeds the Tribe

Daga is the god of Drought.

During the heroquest Ernalda feeds the tribe he is shown to resemble a somewhat demonic skeleton with spiky protusions emerging from a large dust-devil.


The Orlanthi people do not worship or sacrifice to Daga, as he is an enemy to their main god Orlanth and his wife, Ernalda.

You cannot build a shrine or temple to Daga, and if you sacrifice to him during a drought, your reputation will take a hit.



Daga is the son of Yelm, the Emperor, and Orlanth's nephew.


  • Orlanth once slew the dragon Aroka, saved Heler, the Lord of Rain, in order to capture Daga and lock him in an iron jar.
  • Ernalda once withstood Daga's blows in order to brinng food to the tribe. He was unable to kill her, though not through lack of trying.

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